Babak Najafi was a great role model on and off the field. Throughout his whole life, he was a proud son, devoted brother, and wonderful human being. 

Babak's Bio

Babak Najafi, son of Dr. Vahid and Parinaz Najafi, was born in Spring Valley, NY on February 23rd, 1987. He was the younger of two children and was raised in the suburbs of Rockland County. As a toddler and a young boy, he was known as “Bobby Kaboby,” a family nickname inspired by his jovial spirit and playful personality. He grew up as a shy and sensitive boy, deeply affected by the company and friendship of others, and yet maintained a sense of his own identity.

Growing up in Spring Valley, Babak spent his days playing with the neighborhood dog, bike riding with his friends, and collecting baseball cards and model cars. On summer nights, he would play hide and seek with the local kids on his block and enjoy the camaraderie of his friends by engaging in sleepovers and get-togethers.

At the age of 6, Babak began playing little league soccer in the Hal Block Soccer League. It was until the age of 11 when he decided to find his true calling for football.

As a member of the “Midget Football League of Spring Valley,” Babak amassed some of the greatest accomplishments for a child of his generation. At Ramapo Senior High School, Babak was a honors student, an accomplished athlete, and a natural born leader. He was President of the Student Advisory Council of Ramapo High School; a title earned by the electoral votes of the student body. As the leader of SAC, his responsibilities included liaising with students about educational resources, addressing student/faculty issues, and meeting with members of the Board of Education about the quality of life for the students of Ramapo.

Babak kept his success in line with his hard work and dedication to the Wrestling and Football teams of Ramapo. As Varsity Football Co-Captain, Babak was commonly referred to by teammates as “Bob the Builder” or “Bobcat.” He complied All-Section, All-League, and All-County honors and took his team to many play-off appearances.

As a Varsity Wrestler, Babak contributed to some of the most memorable matches of Gryphons’ history, including his performance in the medal rounds of the “Goshen High School Invitational Tournament.”

Upon graduating from RSHS, Babak began his college education at Syracuse University, where he planned to major in Psychology and graduate a semester early due to his exceptional performance in advanced PA and AP courses. However, after attending the Syracuse basketball team’s home court victory over Texas Christian University on the night of December 3rd 2005, Babak Najafi passed away from heart disease at the age of 18. He was found in his dorm room the next morning.

Babak was diagnosed with arteriosclerosis, a disease highly uncommon among males his age. Throughout his whole life, he showed no signs of fatigue, pain, nausea or other symptoms that may have indicated health complications. Babak’s unfortunate passing came as a shock to us all.

Throughout his whole life, Babak led by example. He always kept his faith, family, and friends on his side. He was a proud son, a devoted brother, and a wonderful human being. He lived his life with no regrets, and those who knew him have learned a great deal from his short time in this world.

Bob had said, whatever he did, he wanted to give back to the Ramapo Gryphons and the sports programs at Ramapo that he had been so active in after graduating.
— Lauren Lopez